Keezbord crew

participates in the 4-day event in Nijmegen. We will be available again from July 20

What is Keezen!?

Keezen is a fun party game which is played by two, four or six players. When playing with four (or six) players, two (or three) pairs of players are formed so you play with a partner. The game is played with playing cards which are included. These “keezcards” tell you directly which move to make.

The Keezboard is said to originate from the village of Akersloot in the north of Holland, but others claim that it was part of their (Dutch) heritage. Fact remains that it is a very old game, which was recently rediscovered and rapidly becoming extremely popular. All over the world a large number of varieties of the game are played.

However, beware! Keezen is very addictive! Once you have experienced the game, you will want to play it over and over again. It’s very exciting and will surprise you till the very end. Do you expect to be the winner? Too bad, you may be the one who has to start all over.


For every Occasion!

Play Keezboard with family or friends and we guarantee you a lot of fun. No more watching TV for ever, or playing computer games endlessly. Keezboard will soon win your heart and will definitely stand for hours of family pleasure.

Keezboard is the ideal birthday present or Christmas gift, or simply for the fun of it. Do you run or own a company? Give Keezboard as a present to your business acquaintances or surprise your employees with your own personalized Keezboard: your company logo on the playing board. Mix business with pleasure and advertise in an original way.

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