Keezbord crew

participates in the 4-day event in Nijmegen. We will be available again from July 20

Frequently asked questions

Below is a list of many questions we receive. If you have any other questions, please let us know. You can visit the contact page, and ask your question by sending an email.


Q: Do we need the jokers?

A: The joker does not participate in the keezspel.


Q: How quickly will my game arrive at home?

A: After payment, your board will be delivered within 5 days by post.


Q: Can you start backward with a 4-card from your starting position and then the next turn go to your base?

A: Yes, you can with the 4 backward from your starting position and then the next turn in your base.


Q: If you can not go any further with your counters, do you have to throw away all your cards?

A: Yes, you have to throw all your cards away and wait for the next round.


Q: Can you discuss with your partner during the game?

A: No, this is not allowed during the game.


Q: Are the keezbord supplied complete?

A: Yes, if you order a keezbord-game, you get the cards, counters and the rules in advance, everything you need to play the game.


Q: How can you use the 6-person board with four people?

A: The board consists of 6 “pieces” . Don’t use the two straight sections, and you can play with four people.


Q: Is keezen only a game to play for four or six people?

A: Yes, the game is the most fun with four or six people to play, but there is a 2 person keezbord. And now we have an extension for 3, 5 or 7 players!


Q: Can I go seven steps forwards with one counter when I have a 7?

A: Yes, the splitting of the seven set is a choice, but not required.


Q: Do I need to go an extra round, when I stand for my base but I can not?

A: You need no more walking round, but wait until you get good cards. However, the change-card use if you have one. If you really can not go any further, you throw your cards on the stack.


Q: What dimensions does the Package have ?

A: The keezborden are packaged in a full color box of 20 by 20 by 6 cm.


Q: Do you always have to exchange your own counter with an exchange-card? Or is it allowed to exchange two other counters (if that is better for yourself)?

A: You should always exchange with your own counter, even though it is not good for yourself.