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4 in 1 conversion set

New at Keezenspel! The conversion kit that allows you to play everything.

Do you already have a Keezbord.nl board? Then you can play 3 other variants on your current Keez board with this expansion set.

  • Tokken

With the included tokken pieces you can easily convert the Keez board into the original Tokken game. With the real 18 steps between the different bases, including the Tokken rules

  • Keezbord The Battle

Cross your pawn over the middle of the game, skipping half the board. (Or walk an extra half  lap) You can play this variant with an even or odd number of players. A very nice variation on the existing Keezbord game rules.

  • Four against four

The variant for players who like pace. Does Keezen go too slowly with many people? With 2-on-2, 3-on-3 or 4-on-4 you play alternately orange-yellow. So you can enter a base immediately, even if you have only just set up. Nice rules to play the game smoothly.

  • Bonus game: The Keezbord Parcel Game

Would you like to challenge for gifts in a fun way during the holidays? Play the giftgame on your current Keez board with the extra rules.

With this set you immediately have four additional game forms at your disposal, fun to play!


For type of Keezbord

  • Plastic
  • Wood

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